Green Vaginal Discharge: Dr. Rowley Explains What It Means - Bleeding after intercourse greenish vaginal discharge infection

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Red discharge is most commonly the result of bleeding during a period. spotting after sex regularly; grey, green, or yellow discharge; a strong. Vaginal discharge color can say a lot about your health. light bleeding after intercourse, which can result in pink discharge. Healthy discharge keeps the vagina clean, wards off infections, and provides lubrication.

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By Sharisar - 05:52
Learn what it means if your vaginal discharge has increased in of your uterus, typically 10 days to 2 weeks after sexual intercourse. white, gray or green discharge; vaginal odor reminiscent of fish foul odor; pain; itching; burning sensation during urination; vaginal bleeding unrelated to your period.
By Meran - 06:31
Before and after your period, discharge may appear yellow, orange, brick red, or brown. During the In most cases, green vaginal discharge is a sign of infection. Increased vaginal discharge; Yellow or yellow-green discharge; Painful urination; Painful intercourse; Pelvic pain . Health Does Alcohol Thin Your Blood?
By Vudolkree - 07:25
Vaginal infections may also cause an unusual discharge from the vagina. If you notice your discharge is thick and white, like cottage cheese, greenish, pink or you have pain in your abdomen or pain during sex; you have fever and chills.

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